Monday, February 27, 2012


Not really. That perpetual "thumbs up!" you're seeing on my daughter's right hand is actually the result of a broken thumb. A mallet fracture, as they call it. Surgery would have been the plan of treatment IF WE HAD SOUGHT PROPER MEDICAL EVALUATION IN AUGUST WHEN IT HAPPENED. Instead, she will wear a hard thumb cast for a minimum of four weeks, immobilizing the distal joint while her body "reconstructs itself."

The hand surgeon wrote a note saying, "No use of right hand for sports or PE." The soccer coach is already trying to figure out how much bubble wrap it will take to keep her in the field. Unfortunately, Rachel is the goalie . . .

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Next to the What?!

I asked Quinn where he put the leftover mac & cheese.

"Next to the lamb in the refrigerator," he replied.

I didn't know whether to laugh or panic because I've never purchased, prepared or consumed lamb - ever. I was relieved to find the mac & cheese next to the chicken in the refrigerator.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Asperger's Syndrome

I pronounce it with an "ah" instead of a short "a" because it sounds less like something hanging from one's backside that way.

Anyway, I met a 12-yr old boy whose teachers had no concerns about his academic performance, but whose mother was worried about his peer interactions. Those of you with a background in this area will smile when you hear how the young man described himself:

"Well, I particularly enjoy studying about ancient Japanese culture and its warriors - called Samuri. They are absolutely fascinating."

Ring Repair

I bent a post on my diamond wedding ring and took it to the jewelers for repair. I asked them for a loaner while they were working on it.

No sense of humor, that gemologist - none at all.

Ricky S.

I like him. I like him. I like him!
But I dislike BHO even more. And I worry that Santorum's uber-truth-telling is a distraction that could keep him from winning in the general election.
Your thoughts?

Thursday, February 16, 2012


My sister bought Mr. Rellim freshly-sliced bacon for his birthday. We got to eat it for Valentine's Day. Totally awesome!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I walked twelve laps today on the indoor track on campus. I thought my time of 30 minutes ROCKED for three miles. Then I learned the track is 1/8th of a mile. I'm pretty sure I didn't walk three miles this morning.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sweeeeet Sixteen

Beautiful, delicious cake. Tastes better than it looks. Gorgeous little girl who now has a driver's license.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Super Comunicacion

While at a Super Bowl party last night, I had to use my super-speech-language communication skills. The host of the party had invited a co-worker who had just moved here from Brazil. He was Japanese-Brazilian and spoke very little English. I do not speak Japanese or Portuguese. We had a lively discussion nonetheless as he was able to understand my broken Spanish, augmented by lavish gesture. We were actually able to hold a discussion about world religion and politics.

Who says a football party can't be educational?

Celebration Cake for Tomorrow

I'm making this for Rachel's birthday tomorrow. I wonder where I'll hide it until after supper?

BTW, one slice equals something like 917 calories. And nine grams of fiber!

Friday, February 03, 2012

And Another Thing!

I remember when my kids were part of a home childcare a few days a week and I had to get a doctor's order so that Quinn could receive breast milk instead of formula!!!!

Why?! Because the childcare provider received federal funds for something related to her business and it was a deviation from the federally mandated childcare menu.


At our local high school, kids receive "points" for misbehavior. So, at the end of the quarter, the kids with the least points are the winners. I'm so confused.

Today, Rachel texted me to tell me that she "got points" for having a water bottle in class and that she would need a doctor's order to "remove the points" and be allowed to drink water from a water bottle at school.

I immediately called the doctor's office (so as not to rant to any school officials) to request such order. The nurse was not surprised in the least. She told me that she actually had to send an order to the high school earlier in the school year so that a student would be allowed to apply sunscreen before any outside activities.

Yet, in Illinois, school officials can legally take our underage daughters to obtain abortions without parental knowledge or approval. Would any of us be super-surprised to see Jesus on the eastern horizon in the morning?