Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Ocho Bing Bang!

This is how Mr. Rellim answered the telephone last night as the automated calls rang in to alert us to today's school closings.  Though decidedly not politically correct, it gave me a laugh bigger than emptying a barrel full of monkeys into a kid's birthday party.

And speaking of monkeys - I just found a small green McLean County rabies vaccination tag in my load of towels this morning.  We don't have pets.  And we don't live in that county.  Rachel drives through that county between here and college, however.  Oh, man . . . do I even want to ask?  Because lately I'm allowed only one (maybe two) questions per day before I'm accused of trying to run (or alternately, ruin) her life.  And I've already blown one of my questions today asking, "Don't you think you should wear socks outside in this weather?"

If this weather continues to blow, we might have another round of automated calls tonight from the schools.  Any suggestions for how the phone should be answered?