Monday, March 02, 2015

Speechie Fun

Playing a card game with a couple of Second Grade boys, I asked, "Who has magenta?"

One of them quickly answered, "I have dementia!"

Texting Fun

We got home Friday night and were in bed before Quinn got home from work.  When he pulled in the driveway, he texted me, "I'm home."  He didn't know we were home because our cars were in the garage.

Thinking quickly, Mr. Rellim grabbed my phone and texted, "Your dad is hiding in the house."

Quinn replied, "No he's not!  I know you are still out."

We listened while stifling giggles as Quinn slowly moved through the house with his flashlight, checking for his dad.

Then Mr. Rellim crept out of bed and into Quinn's room.

As Quinn entered his dark room, the shouts and screams made tears run down my face.  I think I was laughing, but I can't be for sure.

Who says fun can't be free?  Of course, we aren't paying for the therapy yet.