Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Like a Witch

I can hear my husband's car when it pulls into the driveway.  Maybe I'm tuned into the engine sound because it means a certain division of parenting responsibilities when he enters the house.  Maybe it's because we can eat when he gets home.  Maybe it's because I still kind of like him.

Quinn told me it's because I'm a witch - or a person who hears really well.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Quinnisms: Adult Version

This post is not "Adult Version" in the sense that it is perverse, but because the boy is now officially an adult - according to his birthdays.

I'll have to give you background on this one because otherwise it won't make sense at all.  I've complained about the same phenomena with telemarketers.  You know when you answer the phone and there is a long pause before the telemarketer begins to speak?  And he even might say hello with rising inflection, a manner in which a person typically receiving a phone call might say it.

The other day Quinn answered the phone, then five seconds later slammed it back down and shouted, "I HATE LANDLINES!  PEOPLE NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE WHEN THEY CALL YOU!"