Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuition Deposit Received

Rachel is to be a Viking!
Get used to that winter coat, girlie.

The job search?  Well, she has a two-hour gig cleaning a family business on the weekends, intermittent babysitting, and a likely sub sandwich delivery driving in the works.  The food service job at the hospital is full at this time.  The movie place interview was short and sweet.  They like her but won't hire someone who won't be around in the fall  :(  I'd be out pounding the pavement, but my Little Rellim is a laid-back kinda gal.  She totally gets that from her father.  They just know that something will come up..

Monday, April 07, 2014


We told Rachel that we will send in the tuition deposit at her college of choice as soon as she gets a job.
(Oh, please, please get a job!  Get a job soon because the deadline to send in the deposit is May first.)

Many years ago, my great aunt put an ad in the local newspaper for a handyman - without my great uncle's knowledge.  He worked several random jobs before learning about the secret advertisement.

Makes me feel less guilty about filling out two job applications for Rachel tonight.  But I did tell her from whom to expect phone calls.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

She's Back!

Mr. Rellim and I worked in the yard for quite a while today.  Happy Spring! 

And Mrs. Neighbor timed it perfectly to intercept me on the way to the backyard.  I just knew she was going to complain about something in our landscaping.  Instead, the conversational topic surprised me.  As odd a conversation as it was, it was still a new topic.

Mrs. Neighbor:  Oh, hello!  I'd like to put a little thought in your brain.  I have so many things I've been saving for my "girl," but my son is more interested in test tubes at this point.  He has no room for women in his life - at least for now.  And I've been saving and saving things and I just need to clean house.

Me:  (Please, please don't ask me to buy your stuff.  Please, please don't ask me to come into your house.  Please, please don't ask me to set up your son with a friend of mine.)

Mrs. Neighbor:  So, what do you think about a neighborhood garage sale?  Do you think we could put together something like that?

Me:  Well, I'm sure you could have a successful sale, but we don't have much to contribute.  We donate items on a regular basis.

Mrs. Neighbor:  So, do you think it should be in May, June, July or August?  No, not August (fanning self).  That would be much too hot.  How about the first or second weekend in May?

Me:  Well, the high school graduation is the second weekend in May, so that will be a busy weekend.

Mrs. Neighbor:  Why don't you talk to some neighbors and see when would work for them.

Me:  We won't be participating in this garage sale, but I'm sure you could pull it together.

Mrs. Neighbor:  Well then, that's settled.  You go talk to some neighbors and get a date set for this to happen.

Me:  (walking away with a puzzled look on my face, searching frantically for Mr. Rellim who had conveniently disappeared to the other side of the house.)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Siri: Reader Discretion Advised

I received this text from Mr. Rellim:
     "You look like a hockey today."

Apparently, Siri hasn't taken to calibrating his speech well.

I wanted to text back something about a puck, but decided that would be of poor taste.

So now it's here for you to giggle (or gasp) about.

Handy Down

That's how my friend's daughter says, "hand-me-down."  I was about to correct her when I noted that her mother says it the same way.  Now I just smile.

And I smile when I get hand-me-downs too.  Perhaps it's because I'm the oldest in the family.  Heck!  I'm the oldest grandkid on both sides of the family, so I didn't grow up receiving hand-me-downs.  I suppose what I'm getting now are hand-me-ups.

The latest hand-me-up:  A 2003 Impala.  So it needs a muffler and some brakes?  Midas does that!

Quinn said he would drive to Wheaton to pick it up, but he doesn't know how he could drive two cars back home.

And he's the smart one in math.