Thursday, December 31, 2015

Oh, Deer!

This post is to illustrate that one should be careful about what he wishes. 

A couple weeks ago, Mr. Rellim came upon a literal herd of deer in our neighborhood.  He honked noisily and attempted to corral them by driving recklessly up and down the street.  He said he really wanted to eliminate the population in our area.

Fast-forward a few days and BAM!  He got himself a deer.  It was raining and foggy and he was driving through a wooded area near his place of employment.  The deer jumped from the ditch and tried to clear the car.  Unfortunately for Vixen - or Blitzen, Mr. Rellim got him with the windshield.

Fortunately for Mr. Rellim, the deer only got the windshield.  The rearview mirror rocketed into the backseat and Mike was sprayed with some glass splinters, but no human injuries were sustained.

The windshield was replaced within a couple days and Santa may have to recruit for the next delivery date.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Home on the Ridge

This is funny if you know my parent's address is on Timber Ridge.  The sign is crafted by my sister Jamie using old lumber and license plates.  Someone asked if a tetanus shot came with the gift too.

The cousins also gathered for a photo.  Quinn stood behind the group "so no one could fall on my head!"  Austin used his head to hold Evelyn on her branch.  And Rachel will likely never wear that shirt in public again if she sees this photo.
My sisters and I squeezed together for a selfie.
And we made it home before the rains came down.  Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 14, 2015

December Concerts

The kids both had concerts this month, with one more to go!  Rachel sang Second Soprano with the Jenny Lind singers for Christmas at Augustana.  Quinn donned his formal concert attire for a collaboration with EIU orchestra and choirs.  He sings Baritone with the high school advanced chorus.  They did The Hallelujah Chorus for a encore.  For an encore!  It was amazing.

All the grandparents joined us for the road trip to Rachel's college and supper at a Mexican restaurant.

Mr. Lincoln

Finally, we had the chance to visit the "new" Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.  I didn't realize that I was blocking one of the kids.  Sorry, fella.  Great place to visit.  Mark your calendar for a visit.

Love and Marriage

Mr. Rellim called on the way home.  We had the same idea for supper.  I said sarcastically, "That just goes to show how well we know each other.  It's like you can finish my  . . . (dramatic pause inserted here)"

Mike said, "Thoughts!"

Me - "Try again."

"Words? . . . Sentences!"

Me - "You complete . . ."

" . . .me."

That's about as romantic it gets around here.  Unless you count when he washes the dishes.

And I do.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Not Impressed

My four-year-old niece, Evelyn was studying a painting by Monet and declared, "Who drew that?  They really messed up!"