Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Take Me to Your Leader

Spidey is fairly enamored with The Amazing Spiderman.  He often confuses fantasy and reality. 

We used FaceTime today in therapy to have a conversation with another boy.  It was a chance to help Spidey learn conversational skills for meeting new people.  The boy mentioned that he was going swimming later today.  Spidey asked, "Is it summer in your world?!"

The boy tried to explain that he was in the same world as Spidey but that the swimming pool was indoors at the YMCA.  Spidey was not convinced.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


We had heard that patients should sleep in a recliner following shoulder surgery because resting flat in bed would be extremely uncomfortable.  And now we KNOW that to be true.

Thank you to Polly who loaned us a recliner in which Mr. Rellim currently sleeps.

We had heard that sudden movements should be avoided following shoulder surgery.  Now we KNOW that sudden movements (and in particular, quick, jerking movements) cause pain.  But we did not know how often these sudden movements might occur.  For example, Mr. Rellim tends to flinch in the following situations:

1.  When Quinn jumps out from unexpected places.
2.  When nearly tripping over the extension cord on the ice pack machine.
3.  When watching zombie movies.
4.  When Rachel screams because her brother nearly tricked her into eating pork.  (In his defense, he did think it was buffalo chicken dip.)
5.  When laughing at funny Psych episodes.
6.  When Quinn jumps out from unexpected places.

College Follies

Rachel and I visited her top-choice college yesterday.  I gave her the atlas and asked her to plot our course.  She told me how to get to Rockford (but the college is in Rock Ridge).

Rachel wanted to see the campus at night, so while we were driving around, I stopped and convinced a couple of coeds to climb in the backseat and give us a tour.  The pick up line was something like this, "You both know that you should never ever accept rides from strangers, but  . . . "

During an icebreaker activity in the psychology department open house, I skewed the data by anticipating that it was an experiment, predicting the response they expected I would make, then doing something different.  Rachel appeared to be mortified, but I think she was secretly impressed.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Narcotics is Funny

Mr. Rellim had shoulder surgery yesterday and the painkillers have been causing him to say some funny things.  Rachel and I have started a list and thought we would share some with you:

1.  Is this ice even cold?
2.  I can feel my thumb now.  It's all numb.
3.  Why doesn't anyone ever buy me Scooby Snacks?
4.  I don't have autism!
5.  Give them some money from my cash-hole (I think he meant "wallet.").

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Excuse Me

I was using Facetime with my almost-three-year-old niece, Evelyn.  She was reading books to me and trying to play a card game Memory.  It's not the same playing a game via video call.

My sister hiccuped and said, "Excuse me!  I hiccuped."
Evelyn stood up and said, "Excuse me!  I peed."

First manners, then toilet-training.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Snow Day

We have shoveled our driveway four times today and made a couple snowmen.   Well, one snowman is sort of a grinch-looking creature with really long walking stick arms.  The other is much shorter, with antlers - like the Grinch's dog, Max.

Enjoy this video too!

Speech-Language Pathology Humor

Sometimes people mistake my fantastic diadochokinetic skills for beatboxing. 
And I'm OK with that.