Sunday, July 27, 2014


The sermon was about patience, forbearance.  About how we can try to be more like God and try to maintain emotional calm during times of disquiet. 

I must say that the kids did not honk the horn this morning as they waited (patiently) for Mr. Rellim and I to exit church.  And I did not raise my voice when I found a bra in the backseat of the car.

Apparently, this was Rachel's silent objection to her extended wait.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Thoughts about Dorm Life

My daughter will be moving into a dorm next month.  This will be the first time she has had a roommate.  As I contemplate how I can help soften her transition, I realize that she is just going to have to jump in and experience it and hope for the best.

When I was living in a dorm, most people had small refrigerators, an occasional girl had a TV, and no one had a personal computer.  Oh, how things have changed.  I even found information in her Residential Life handbook limiting the amount of electrical appliances one can have in a room.  Of particular interest is the list of Forbidden Appliances:

Space heaters, fog machines, halogen lamps, air conditioners, sunlamps, open-coil heaters, immersion coils, deep-fat fryers, hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens, electric skillets, electric woks, pizza ovens, anything with an exposed heating element or burner, large power tools and any other appliance deemed by staff to be hazardous are not permitted.

You have to smile, because you sorta wish you could have been there the night the college ascertained that fog machines and large power tools had to be included on the list.  And it kinda makes me want to look for a fog machine - because HOW COOL IS THAT?!