Saturday, November 21, 2015

Not Quite the Lotto

I completed most of my Thanksgiving grocery shopping today.  I say most because as I was checking out, I realized that I had forgotten to pick up the turkey.  "The turkey?" you say - "She forgot the turkey?!" 

Yes, I forgot the turkey.  But guess what?  As the register receipt printed out, the cashier said, "Oh look!  You've earned a free turkey!"

I'VE EARNED A FREE TURKEY!  And that's better than millions in the lotto anyway because Illinois isn't paying.  And what would I do with all that money?  Just buy a bigger turkey.

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Rellim Boys

Mr. Rellim has two brothers.  There are six boys (so far) in the next generation.  This is a snapshot from the recent baptism of the youngest, Crew Axel.  His big brother, Cole is attempting to escape Uncle Mike's arms.  His bigger brother, Clay is hiding his face - embarrassed from nearly burning down the church, I think.  But maybe the Priest should have thought better of allowing two busy boys to bounce around  a large burning candle on a precarious perch.

Just as a point of reference, our son, Quinn is standing in the back and up a step.  He looks like a little dinky boy.  But guess what?  He is 6' 1" and weighs 200 pounds.  These boys eat a lot of pork chops.

Peter Pan

My friend's daughter is volunteering at an orphanage in China for a year following completion of her undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences.  One of her jobs is to teach English to the children since most of the adoptive families speak English.  An orphan who speaks some English is more "marketable."  Yet not all children have been adopted into families by the age the Chinese government has determined the orphan must be "released."  That age is 14.  Fourteen.

Pan Pan is one of the boys in the orphanage who will soon turn 14.  The English workers call him Peter Pan.  He plays three instruments.  He speaks a little English.  He has not yet been adopted.  He is blind.  Unless he finds a forever family, he will be "released," likely to beg on the streets for his meals.  Winter is coming.

My friend's daughter asked if we would pray for Pan Pan and for his forever family.  Perhaps he will not have an earthly forever family.  And there are so many more stories like his in China - and around the world.  My heart breaks for them.

I also think about my own son.  Had he been born to different parents in a country like China his story would have been much different.  So I'll pray for Pan Pan and I'll thank God for my country and my family.