Sunday, May 10, 2015

String Theory

Mike bought six-ounce, bacon-wrapped beef fillets for Mother's Day.  (Yum)  Half-way through eating his steak, Quinn asked, "Why is there string around this half of my steak?"

"Boy," said, Mr. Rellim, "there was string around your entire steak.  You just ate it."

After lunch, Quinn got up from the table to eat a big bowl of ice cream.  Fancy food is  lost on teenage boys.  It's quantity over quality all day long.

Hello, Blogdom

It's been a while, but it's not because I haven't been thinking about you.  It's because the stories that amaze, confuse and annoy me about my family are likely to be read by them, and unless I can spin it in a humorous fashion, they are best not written.

I'm considering enacting a rule about how many times a styrofoam cup from the gas station can be re-used.  Also, should a mother allow her son to receive an unexcused "tardy" when he consistently oversleeps for Monday morning dual-credit Trigonometry class?  And what to do about the adult-ling daughter who will be living at home this summer?  These topics and more as the school year ends.

In closing, a funny thing happened with a Kindergarten student the other day:  He was looking at a picture of a sword with a handle shaped like a cross and said, "Look!  It's a "T" for Jesus!"