Saturday, October 24, 2015

Twenty Years Old

I bought a new pair of jeans - the stretchy, leggings-like jeans.  But I got the kind with a higher waist that allows me to sit and stand without advertising my underwear.  I wore these jeans to a professional meeting a couple weeks ago.  Feeling a bit self-conscious, I asked a colleague, "How do these look?  I'm not trying to look twenty years old or anything . . ."

"Don't worry," she said, "you don't look twenty years old."

"Ummm . . . thanks?"

Friday, October 09, 2015

Not the PC Type

My friend, Steve complained of my lack of blog posts and told me, "You're slipping, Kurth!"  Well, I've worked to remediate that today.  Here goes:

My parents are staying with my sister's four-year-old daughter in her new home while my sister is away on business.  I talked to Dad yesterday, who told me about this game he and my niece, Evelyn play called "Where in the World?"  Basically, they "travel" to different windows or corners or balconies in the home and pretend they are in different countries. Evelyn guesses what country they are in based on my Dad's accent and what they will be doing while in that country.

In Evelyn's favorite country, my Dad reportedly says, "Hola, chica!  Let's eat rice and beans then go to America where we can get everything for free."

Just reporting the news here.

Shower Beer

It's been a busy week.  Perhaps I've been a little grumpy with my family.  Perhaps.

When I finally started to relax in a hot shower, Mr. Rellim popped his head in and said, "I've got something for you."

"No, thank you!" I said, a bit grumpily.  A bit.

He laughed, then handed me a cold beer.  "It's a 'shower beer,' explained Mr. Rellim, "Haven't you ever had a shower beer before?"

I had not.  But now that I have, I'm wondering if eBay sells any shower cup holders.

Trojan Up!

That's the rally cry for our High School - CHS Trojans.  And tonight is the Homecoming game, but Quinn decided to work instead.  "I went to a football game last year," he said, "and the only thing that happened is some girl started social stalking me and thought she was my girlfriend!"

"Well, wouldn't you like to have a girlfriend?" I asked.

"No way!" Quinn shouted, "First, it's fun and nice, then you are supposed to sit and listen to her talk for hours and return texts at all hours of the day and night.  The next thing you know, you're running an errand to Wal-Mart to pick up tampons!"

How Far South?

In the continuing series:  "How Far South Do I Live?" we report on a First Grade teacher introducing the "wh" questions words to her class (who, what, where, when, how, why).   She has each word written on a flashcard and asks the class to repeat the word after her then create a sentence with that word.  For example, when shown the flashcard "why," a student volunteered, "Why are we at school?"


When shown the flashcard "when," a student volunteered, "Did you win the game?"

"Well," replied the teacher, "that is one meaning for /wIn/.  We are talking about the other kind of /wIn/."

The other kind of /wIn/?  How far south do I live?