Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little Slice O' Harmony

1.  Quinn says that chorus is like a "harmony pizza" with sprinkles of alto, soprano, bass and tenor in place of pepperoni, sausage, ham and bacon. (Note the lack of veggies in his pizza analogy.)

2.  Rachel's suggestion was chosen for naming her high school a capella group:  Minors in Major Treble.  I think that's pretty cool.

3.  Mike had an incredibly awkward (and hilarious) discussion with Quinn regarding how the question, "How's it hanging?" has a double meaning.  Of course it happened during supper time.

4.  Quinn has decided that he is going to be a "Math Master" instead of a chiropractor for a living.  I'll have to get back to  you on what that entails.

5.  We are church hunting again.  Nothing funny about that.

6.  Ten Flaming Cheetos in your mouth at one time is too many.

7.  Rachel is in her bedroom with two friends.  The door is shut.  Quinn just came out to the kitchen to ask, "What sort of glass is the kind that is best for listening?"  Personally, I would choose an extendable ear, but I don't know how to place an order with the Weasley's.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Long, Hot Summer

It's been a long, hot summer.  Except when it was cool - like the entire month of July and most of August - awesome!  And now we are back in the old grind of school days and I have a few observations and reports to make:

1.  Going back to school is like jumping into a pool of cold water.  There is panic, discomfort and a lot of screaming before treading water turns into skilled strokes.  We are still mostly in the screaming phase.

2.  Quinn is now eating with a regular group of guys at lunch.  I asked who they were and he told me, "Jase, some random Asian kid whose dad is a chemistry professor, a guy with a weird-ass high pitched voice, and Sam."  OK.  That's an improvement from eating his sack lunch alone in the car in the parking lot.  Maybe.

3.  Mike said that he would liked to have been an astronaut.  He said that he would have volunteered for all the "sex-in-space experiments."

4.  I have a secret savings account through the area educational credit union.  I just learned that I actually have some money in there and was contemplating how to spend it.  Then I got home and Quinn told me, "My bed broke."  I didn't ask a lot of questions.  I just told him to haul the thing to the end of the driveway and hope someone takes it. 

5.  Mike got a work iPhone to use and so I'm now the only person in the household without a smart phone.  Maybe I'll have some money left over after the bed purchase.

6.  Rachel is now running up to a mile at physical therapy.  Rehab is slow but steady.  It's a good pace.

7.  Mike has a customer I call The Tomato Man.  He planted 450 tomato plants this year.  I am a major recipient of his efforts.  I now have orange fingernails.  You can find jars of salsa tucked in the most curious places in my house.  If only tomato harvest and the first month of school didn't coincide so closely. . .